At Our Core

As a team, we've thought deeply about what we stand for as individuals and how we want our own values to inform our work.  We embrace L.O.G.I.Q. as a set of guiding principles.


Leadership & Ownership: We take collective ownership of our work and our clients, including our clients’ missions, goals, and impact. We act as owners and leaders at every level within the organization--accepting joint responsibility for successes and areas of growth.

Growth: We are committed to our clients’ growth in alignment with their goals and desired impact. We commit to personal growth and reflection to build our individual and collective selves. We acknowledge that when we are our best selves, we have the ability to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Integrity: We approach our work with honesty and integrity, providing our clients with meaningful, purposeful, and thoughtful support and feedback. We deal honestly with each other as a means of building the muscle we need to deliver on our mission and add value to the organizations we serve.

Quality: We are proud of our work, our brand, our name, our clients, and most importantly, ourselves. We know what we have to offer and do so with unmatched fervor.